Copyright arises the moment a literary or artistic work is created. Thus, the creator, i.e. the author, has exclusive rights to the work. You do not need to register your copyright as it is a completely formless right. This means that the protection arises with the person who created the work at the same time as the work has been created.

Copyright lasts as long as the author lives and for another 70 years thereafter. When the author dies, the copyright passes to the survivors through inheritance or will.

In short. You may not copy and sell my art.

Those who can sell my art prints, cushion covers etc. Are resellers who have received my permission.

You may not use my images on social media to sell or advertise for your own use without my permission.

You are welcome to share my photos/works on social media as long as you mention me or if possible tag me. My instagram is @emmatapaniart and Facebook Emma Tapani Konst & Fotografi. Always leave my signature.

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